Thea is currently registered nationally and internationally

Thea is currently registered nationally and internationally with the South African Reiki Masters Association and the Association of Reiki Healers respectively, two professional associations of the local and global Reiki community that seek to promote the practice and benefits of Reiki around the world, and whose underlying philosophy is that together we can do so much more. We simply need to become aware of the color and power of these colors–to support us in our daily lives and even more in conjunction with Reiki. is a certified and experienced Reiki Master, nationally and internationally trained in holistic energy, qualified in Usui Reiki, Reijukido, Karuna┬« Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Gendai Reiki. Incorporating color into your daily life after a Reiki treatment will extend the effects of the Reiki treatment. I do not usually incorporate color therapy directly into the Reiki treatment itself. Color can bring energy into our energy space and body, promoting healing, balance and well-being. In addition to “her” greatest passion, Reiki, Thea is also a spiritual shaman, healer and teacher who offers readings for spiritual guidance. The content of Reiki Rays is intended as support, not as a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. Color therapy is a field of study and a treatment method in its own right. With color therapy, we can consciously use colors to change our energy – to improve our mood, to relax or to energize. One of the easiest ways to recharge and balance the energy body is to stand or sit in direct sunlight, at least for a short period of time, and recharge ourselves with all the colors of the spectrum. Her journey of self-discovery, growth and healing began in 2005, when “she” was in personal need of healing and looking for something more than conventional medicine and therapy could provide. Notice the color of the soap “she” washes “her” hands with and the color of “her” coffee cup Color is everywhere and in the simplest things in our daily lives. Stay tuned for my next article in which I talk about Reiki in relation to counseling. And as with any other form of healing, the intention to energize oneself with the healing energy of the sun is paramount.

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