Participating in the discussion will be Matthias Roeder

Participating in the discussion will be Matthias Roeder, composer Walter Werzow, artificial intelligence expert Ahmed Elgammal, Dirk Kaftan, General Music Director of the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra, organist Cameron Carpenter, and founder and author Aja Jaff. The evening will culminate with a performance by star organist Cameron Carpenter, who will conduct the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra during a performance of the 4th movement of the 10th Symphony. The IA is based not only on Beethoven’s compositions and notes on the 10th Symphony, but also on works by composers and musicians who can be shown to have inspired and influenced Beethoven during “his” lifetime, such as Johann Sebastian Bach. The premiere of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony, complete with artificial intelligence, will take place on October 9. Composer Walter Werzow and the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra have turned this notation into a live composition under the baton of Dirk Kaftan. Matthias Roeder explains: It is an honor to participate in this special project and immerse myself and the audience in the world of Beethovenian thought. Shortly before “his” death, Beethoven began work on the Tenth Symphony, which remained unfinished. A symphony that will remain unfinished. They will talk about the history of this project, give an overview of the interaction between man and machine, and discuss whether machines are creative and whether their work can be considered art. Matthias Roeder, a group of AI experts and musicologists have developed the Beethoven AI, which captures Beethoven’s style. This data is used for analysis, retargeting, and providing personalized content and advertising on Telekom and third-party sites. Details can be found in section 3 of the privacy statement. Together with the experts, the algorithm continued to work on Beethoven’s last unfinished work.

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