Hep-2 xenograft – Degueline induces apoptosis and autophagy

Degueline induces apoptosis and autophagy in head and neck cells in squamous cell carcinomas. Degueline induces both cellular apoptosis and autophagy by modulating multiple signaling pathways in cultured HNSCC cells. Degueline can be a new chemotherapeutic agent that is effective against squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck. Degueline induces the production of ceramides via novel synthase to promote the death of HNSCC cells. We show here that the administration of degueline causes a significant death of HNSCC cells. Together, we propose that deguelin can be a new and effective chemotherapeutic drug against HNSCC. Finally, with a Hep-2 xenographic model of naked mice, we also showed a significant antitumor capacity of degueline in vivo. We found that a low dose of HNSCC cells sensitized with deguelin to 5-FU. To provide the information in this document to diagnose, treat, cure, alleviate or prevent a disease or medical condition from occurring. Prior to natural, integrative or conventional treatment, it is recommended to consult an authorized physician. Despite progress in the treatment of patients with this disease, survival has not improved significantly and the search for alternative therapies is encouraging.

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