Love Intention Kit – This set of love intentions includes

This set of love intentions includes a sophisticated combination of rose quartz crystals, Morganite and rainbow moonstone to help you adapt to the energy of love. With the combined energies of carrying, carrying and seeing your love crystals, you can strengthen your intention and integrate love into every part of your life. The Crystal of Love Intent Kit opens your heart to love yourself, your friends, your family and a romantic couple. Energy Muse is a crystal factory that offers tools for initiation, inspiration and hope in the form of jewellery and healing crystals. Bring more love into your life with the Love Intent Kit. Offer this Love Intent Kit as a gift to show someone how much you care about “him” or “her” or buy “him” or “her” to care about yourself. Each product combines the crystalline energy with your intention to help you achieve the desired result. Wear your bracelet on your left wrist to bring more love into your life. Place your pink quartz heart in your room to fill it with relaxing and loving energy. The combination of energies will strengthen the feelings of love in all relationships. Use pink quartz on your bra or bag to keep your energy at hand all day long. I am love. “Repeat 6 times, 6 times is the number of love.

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