HCD Mag – For example a three-storey stone wall engraved

Launched in January 2019, the project aims to meet the immediate needs of the population in the wake of an acute crisis through flexible and constructive solutions that can be adapted to new health needs. The design of the pediatrics department includes animal motifs and fictional figures to create a pleasant and comfortable environment for young patients. Mr. Moser has worked with UFH’s medical and management teams throughout China to better understand their medical operations needs and ensure that each component meets the department’s needs. Each department was equipped with an accessible and multifunctional space that provided a relaxed environment for various events and meetings, as well as a break for staff. The designers focused on maximizing natural light and improving internal/external communications through spacious, transparent corridors where patients, medical staff and visitors can rest and relax. Each department is based on a versatile, spacious and accessible space that provides a relaxed environment for small meetings, meetings and social events. Pediatrics, for example, has a pronounced yellow and green color palette, with animal motifs and fictional characters that promote play and mental health. To ensure comfort and communication with the UFH brand, a stone wall blessed with Chinese calligraphy has been engraved in the ambulatory. The materials and wooden structures used in the design of the houses were preferred throughout the space, supported by warm light to create privacy and reduce stress. The new 734,000-square-metre centre meets the goals of transforming outpatient care and challenges the traditional approach to designing large urban facilities. In order to improve the healing process, details were thoroughly studied throughout the process, including the use of panels to cover the medical device interfaces at the bedside.

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