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These facts and figures inspired the opening of the wellness pavilion at the HD Expo, the catering fair and the sister brand of Healthcare Design. So, what can teach hospitality and wellness in healthcare? Firstly, as a speaker, Mary Fraser, CEO of EwingCole, an industry so reluctant to take risks in the healthcare sector, including the impact of research, said Mary Fraser. On another panel I visited in the Wellness Pavilion, Delos Executive Vice President Jalone Fockler said: “She sees lighting as the best opportunity for future wellness innovations in the hospitality industry. Prospects for respiratory support and wellness should be an important element of health design, but we do not always understand this. I rethought what older people have achieved not only in terms of natural lighting, but also in terms of understanding the benefits for employees and patients of imitating circadian cycles with the help of LED technology, an approach that can certainly find its place in the hospitality industry. That’s what led me to the stage of this show in May to hold a panel discussion on how hospitality inspires health design and vice versa. Prospects The Vice President of Health Transformation and Clinical Leader at Array Architects will discuss five major trends and topics that are now attracting “your” attention. According to the Global Health Institute, the global economy of healthy lifestyle in 2017 amounted to 4.2 trillion dollars and grew from 3.7 trillion dollars in 2015 to 6.4% per year, which is almost twice the growth rate of the global economy over this period. After all, the hospital will always feel like a hospital at the end of the day, and no one wants to stay there,” said Lionel Ohayon, founder of ICrave. The fastest growing areas of recovery are the resort industry, wellness tourism and real estate. Prospects A recently published opinion in the Globe and Postal Magazine has influenced the work of health care designers. We know that factors such as access to daylight, views of nature, the availability of separate patient rooms and family visits have a significant impact on important factors such as results and duration of stay. Recent perspectives: Have architects really destroyed your health? Why can healthcare really inspire hospitality? At first glance, perhaps not. We have long proven that it remains elusive in other industries. Delivery is all about making people feel at ease.

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