Agate Jewelry – Until recently Energy Muse did not offer

With the addition of quartz crystal, this blue lace bracelet relieves mental hyperactivity, relieves stress and anxiety, and helps relieve nerves. When the blue agate lace hits your skin, the soothing and nourishing energy of the bracelet helps to calm your mind and free you from all your worries and tensions. Wearing blue agate will help you relax and stay calm, something so simple but forgotten in the midst of our troubled lives. This healing treasure can even be useful for your pet! Blue agate in the umbilical cord helps to calm or calm an anxious animal, helps “him” sleep and increases “his” self-esteem. The blue agate of the umbilical cord is a soft decoration for communication, calmness, clarity and stress relief. Energy Muse is a crystal factory that provides tools for strengthening, inspiration and hope in the form of jewelry and healing crystals. Rest – Rest – Relax When stress arises, use a yoga mat and crystals to relieve stress and achieve a more relaxed state. Each product combines crystalline energy with your desire to help you achieve your desired result. It can also be used to treat and alleviate symptoms caused by arthritis, neck pain and inflammation or infections. It is associated with the neck and crown of the chakra and helps to create a feeling of calm and relieve anger and tension. This will help you to breathe and experience the present without feeling overwhelmed by the future – something that many of us have already experienced.

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