HCD Mag – The central courtyard designed to earn LEED Gold

The central courtyard, designed to earn LEED Gold certification, is a large two-story, 51,419-square-foot building that provides natural light and includes benches, gardens, water and sculptures by local artists. That’s why we approached the design of the recovery center managed and administered by the County from a behavioral health design perspective, which focused on implementing best practices and appropriate design solutions in a compassionate and safe environment. The architecture is contemporary and reflects modern care and a comfortable and safe work environment for employees, while the use of stone and massage of the building represents a strong government firm. Although the exterior of the building is presented as a monumental institutional facility, the human size of the reception entrance creates a sense of intimacy and spiritual comfort that clients and their families greatly need. The functionality and interior design of the building ultimately serve four areas: ambulance, inpatient detoxification, counseling and administration. The corridors become design elements through inclined walls, colors, floor patterns and natural light. Design Team: Saltz Michelson Architects Inc. Memorial Urgent Care Center The private entrances of Saltz Michelson Architects Inc. outside the lobby have translucent doors for light while preserving privacy. Located in an industrial area, this center offers public inpatient and outpatient care to drug addicts. Back to company page The projects sponsored by Saltz Michelson Architects Inc. create a unique lighting and natural light that create a common edifying space. Guests also have access to a large outdoor activity area, including a sand volleyball court. It was important for customers to ensure that each facility service was easily identifiable, in order to provide the user with a clear route to the intended location. Art in public places includes sculptures, fountains, mosaic benches and metal ramps that mimic bamboo.

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