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If your dentist has recently told you that you need fillings, you may want to spend some time studying the many benefits of modern composite fillings. Although metal fillings have been used for over a century, many patients and their dentists now prefer composite fillings. Regardless of the type of filling you receive, you must ensure that your tooth decay is treated immediately. Composite fillings are virtually invisible after being placed in the mouth and can be stained to perfectly preserve the natural color of your teeth. Many patients also think that metal fillings are very unsightly and that it is difficult to hide this material in the mouth. Metal amalgam fillings have been a popular treatment option for decades and can be effective in certain situations. Ignorance of decay can lead to serious infection and it may be necessary to extract the entire tooth as germs spread. Although some patients are allergic to composite fillings, these cases are incredibly rare. With proper control, modern compound fillings generally last at least 5 to 10 years. You probably won’t notice any side effects when compound fillings are completely cured. The biggest advantage of metal fillings is that they are very durable, but it is important to know that they are sometimes harmful. These fillings are particularly visible when placed near the front of the mouth or directly over the patient’s teeth. To avoid all these problems, you should consider metal-free fillings now and in the future. After filling, the infection should not spread within the tooth or to adjacent soft tissues. Untreated tooth decay eventually spreads to the internal pulp of the tooth, usually causing irreversible damage. If a patient is allergic to the metal used, “he” or “she” will experience a variety of unwanted side effects such as pain, swelling and extreme sensitivity.

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