HCD Mag – As the first building of Atlanta’s new Master

As the first building of Atlanta’s new Master Plan for Children Health, the Centre for Advanced Pediatrics creates the conditions for future development and serves as an anchor for several paediatric specialties in the new 265,000 square metre centre in Atlanta. Inspired by the lush trees of Atlanta’s metropolis, the designers used wooden panels on the wall and ceiling to create a “tree roof” in a public place that adds heat and texture to the patients’ experience. Pediatrics The new 130-bed tower for bedridden patients is part of the Dayton Children’s Campus multi-level master plan in Dayton, Ohio, and includes the design of the “Things that Fly”. The large garden, visible from all the waiting rooms of the clinic, is an accessible and welcoming place for children and families coming to the clinic. Based on the positive healing effects of nature, the design team has implemented the theme of “Nature Care” with plenty of natural light, views and access to the garden in the eight-storey complex. Pediatrics is a colourful, playful environment with a surface area of 20,000 square metres, designed to reassure the sick and their families. Recognizing that some children prefer privacy but want to see other children fully, open furniture is used in public places to provide a safe way for children to participate. Furniture and fabrics are adapted to the colour of each area and help families move from one clinic to another. Special attention is also given to ways of reducing family stress and ensuring that patients arrive at the clinic on time. Patients and their families enter each clinic through their own entrance gates, indicating their direction of travel. Admissions to various hospital districts are slightly inclined and highlighted in bright colors, reinforcing the main goals. Special features along the garden invite visitors to explore and discover the garden, including a pond along the biofilm-inspired path. The observation rooms are designed for children and families and are equipped with convenient facilities that can easily accommodate parents and siblings. The combination of clear and transparent glass allows natural light to pass through working areas and chassis. Rich wooden decorations are complemented by herbal interfaces at the reception, where you can listen to the lush trees of the city. The coffee shop offers plenty of opportunities to relax and admire the world around you.

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