HCD Mag – The environment in which Sengetun’s model offers

The environment in which Sengetun’s model offers benefits to carers, including reduced walking distances for staff, and ensures that support is more accessible for patients with dementia or cognitive impairment. PPH offers patients and their families a variety of spaces to use and enjoy, from public spaces such as terraces and gardens to more private niches, but with the goal of offering options and dignity to the patient. Special Projects The new 9,000 square meter complex is characterized by an open, airy and peaceful environment that offers sufficient access to natural light and a view of the outside world. This peaceful environment ensures that the elements of the natural environment, including sunlight and landscape, contribute to the exceptional care of the patient. The new facility is also one of the first in the UK to adopt the Scandinavian Sengetun care model, a concept tailored to the needs of users and families. A number of new projects illustrate the facilities’ efforts to reinvent energy, with modern, open and light-filled environments, perfect for a meal or just a break. This building replaces the old WPSHHH facility, which exceeded its ability to provide the quality of care required today. Projects A new medical sports complex in Texas brings together multiple service areas and patient types under one roof. The development of PPWH Sengetun aims to improve patients’ quality of life. These materials have been selected to ensure quality work and a sense of tranquility in nature. The hospice was designed with a modest selection of materials such as Penrhyn Heideblauer slate and oak wood. The hospice is for patients aged 16 to 18, a service that was not available at the previous location. Medical care is kept in the background to provide out-of- care. PPWH is located in Dumbreck Nature Reserve in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.

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