Cancer Protection – Studies have repeatedly shown that

Studies have repeatedly shown that cruciferous plants fight cancer. Researchers have found that some health-conscious consumers use powdered broccoli, especially if they do not like broccoli. However, taking nutritional supplements does not always work if they do not contain an enzyme. Researchers have suggested that myrosinase combined with broccoli powder will increase the level of sulforaphane. Three-day broccoli cabbage contains 10-100 times more sulforaphane than adult broccoli. Only one gram of broccoli contains both sulforaphane and one and a half kilograms of broccoli. But it is important that the broccoli you eat always contains a living enzyme called myrosinase. This enzyme is necessary for the formation of sulforaphane, your cancer control agent. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a number of mixtures of broccoli and seedlings under the brand name BroccoSprouts. The scope of the study was limited. Four healthy men ate only broccoli cabbage, broccoli powder or a combination of them. According to researchers, this suggests that the broccoli myrosinase produces sulforaphane not only from pathogens, but also from broccoli powder. For example, they recommend spraying broccoli shoots on broccoli. You can also prepare mustard sauce or wasabi for broccoli. The broccoli germ should be eaten raw. They are perfect for sandwiches, wraps or as a supplement to salad. A study published in the British Journal of Food at the University of Illinois suggests that the combination of broccoli with broccoli shoots can almost double the anticancer effect of vegetables. The authors note that other products containing sulforaphane, such as mustard, radish, rocket and wasabi, can be added to the broccoli to enhance their action. Particular attention is paid to environmental health. Our focused and in-depth research will explore many ways in which the current state of the human body directly reflects the true state of the environment.

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