Dietary Protein Intake – The effect of dietary proteins may

The effect of dietary proteins may be different in older adults than in younger ones, as this population has a greater need for protein. Proteins can play a positive role in preventing bone loss and slowing osteoporosis. Qualitative evaluation showed a positive trend between increased protein absorption and increased overall load on the femoral neck and hip. Two investigators independently performed abstract and full-text review, data extraction and risk assessment. Until October 2018, a systematic search of 3 databases was conducted: ZENTRAL, MEDLINE and EMBASEand EMBASE. After reviewing 523 data sets, 12 cohort studies and one RCT were performed. Published by Elsevier B. V. on behalf of the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Research Network. Authors were contacted due to lack of data. Please enable JavaScript to use all functions of this page. JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

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