Boston MedFlight a not-for-profit provider of medical

Boston MedFlight, a not-for-profit provider of medical patient transport, operates from a 19,000-square-meter World War II building on the military side of Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts. Boston MedFlight, a non-profit provider of medical patient transportation, opened a new facility for employees and caregivers. The new facility houses a comprehensive aircraft hangar, a helicopter maintenance facility and an on-site simulation laboratory for staff training and rapid response teams. “Every day that the crane was in place, the crane’s coordinates had to be collected from Hanscom for use before work resumed and at the end of the day,” said Dave Stodden, senior vice president of Columbia Construction, “We expect this facility to significantly reduce our startup process of bringing aircraft and ambulances on the ground to our patients when and where they need us,” said Rick Kenin, Director of Transportation for Boston MedFlight. It provides easier access and combines all of MedFlight’s capabilities, including a comprehensive aircraft hangar, helicopter maintenance facilities and an on-site simulation laboratory under one roof. The 30,000 square meter hangar design elements include radiant heat to maintain warm indoor temperatures and prevent snow and ice from accumulating in winter, and solar panels on the installation’s roof, saving $45,000 a year in energy costs. In addition to being outdated, the site required that staff and relief workers be subject to military security every time they arrived or left work. Paediatrics The first therapeutic suite at MIGB Hospital is designed to visibly and physically connect nurses and patients during isolation treatment. The hospital’s Marsal Care Center provides a place for family members to recharge their batteries while helping their loved ones with physical rehabilitation. Acute Care The center’s new dedicated care unit helps patients make the transition from hospital to home. One of the main challenges of the project was the management of permits and crane operations on the 2.5-hectare site, which was supervised by the German Federal Aviation Authority. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, La.

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