Healthypages Pressure – Pressure points on the feet and

Pressure points on the feet and hands are used to balance other parts of the body by activating certain pressure points, blocking energy flows, increasing blood flow and helping the body eliminate toxins. Have you ever thought that the answer to your pains related to pregnancy, pain, fatigue and ankle swelling might be in your feet? Many pregnant women are concerned about the safety of the various alternative treatments available on the market. Of course, you should always consult your midwife or doctor to find out if reflexology is right for your particular pregnancy. Well, the good news is that reflexology is absolutely safe during pregnancy and can change your pregnancy experience for the better. Massaging the reflex zones can help alleviate this pain. Massaging the reflex zones helps to relax and reduce stress, allowing the expectant mother to spend a few more hours with “her” eyes closed. Massaging the reflex zones can help move things forward and create a cure. Back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain and general muscle pain are common during pregnancy. In terms of treatment, reflexology is a natural, non-invasive method of healing. In many cases, reflexology has been used to stimulate work in a more natural way. Increase your well-being by entering this exciting phase of your life with reflexology. It can help calm your nerves, relax you and strengthen your body and mind in general. You can consult your local reflexologist or find a mobile therapist for treatment at home. Massaging the reflex zones can also be very useful for the new mother. It has been particularly useful for women with pelvic waist pain.

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