So if you take statins and need vitamin K2 to improve bone

So if you take statins and need vitamin K recycling in the body, decreases vitamin K2 levels, and even causes arterial calcification. In bones, MK-7 produces osteocalcin, a hormone that regulates bone health, increases testosterone, improves cognitive function and training, and keeps insulin and glucose levels at a healthy level. Statins reduce the level of a cofactor needed to convert vitamin K1 to vitamin K2 in the brain, testicles, kidneys, bones, and other tissues. In fact, taking warfarin replaces the body’s need to naturally regulate blood clotting with vitamin K, and natural processes are lost. Just as it puts calcium in the right place and removes it in the wrong place, vitamin K2 increases testosterone in men and reduces excess testosterone in women. Almost everyone should take a vitamin K2 supplement containing both MK-4 and MK-7. Both rapeseed oil and hydrogenated soybean oil contain compounds that appear to inhibit vitamin K2 production in the body. If you are taking statins, warfarin or rapeseed oil, and hydrogenated soybean oil, you should probably ask your doctor for a vitamin K2 supplement. Many of the most bothersome and dangerous foods and medications are damaged by inhibition of vitamin K2-dependent processes. Vitamin K1 is found in many unfermented green plant foods and is in no way unnecessary. For those who don’t know, vitamin K2 is available in different forms called menachinones. For today’s issue of Dear Mark, I answer a question about the different forms of vitamin K2.

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