Chicken Hemp Meatballs – Place pepper tomatoes and other

Place pepper, tomatoes and other Romesco ingredients in a blender or food processor and melt until small nuts and sauce grow. Peel pepper and tomatoes with avocado oil and fry them in a baking dish or in a parchment oven. Pour some romantic sauce on the zucchini and cover the zucchini with chicken balls. With a rich but strong Romanesque sauce, this dish opens up a new world of Mediterranean flavours. Noodles and meatballs are classic and relaxing, but there are more options than noodles and meatballs with heavy carburetors. Form 9 to 12 meatballs out of a mixture and place them in an oiled glass cup or bowl. Turn the pepper every 15 minutes until the skin of the bell pepper is well charred. If you don’t have hazelnuts, you can replace Romesco sauce with almonds or nuts. Pour the rest of the sauce on top and decorate with chopped parsley and hemp hearts. Clean the peeling rod and throw the rod and seeds into the pepper. Leave the pepper to work underwater, clean it and throw away the pepper peel. For a better taste, fry the nuts before mixing them with the sauce. This only takes 15-20 minutes until the tomato is well fried. Store peppers and tomatoes for cooling. You can also serve meatballs with cauliflower rice, pumpkin spaghetti or sweet potato dough. You will notice that these hemp meatballs are slightly lighter and lighter in colour.

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