Summer | Nutrition – Put tequila lemon juice grapefruit

Put tequila, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and stevia syrup in a shaker or bricklayer glass and fill with ice. Pour the lemon juice and stevia syrup into a shaker or brick glass with the cucumber slices and mint leaves. Pour lemon juice and stevia syrup into a shaker or bricklayer glass with raspberries and blueberries. Add 2 more slices of lime with basil, strawberries and stevia syrup and mix the ingredients again. Nothing is more refreshing than a summer cucumber! Not only is it good in one drink, but cucumbers also contain about 96% water and are full of antioxidants. By replacing regular red wine with an organic option and juice with Kombucha or Selters you get a punch with less sulfites, less sugar and more antioxidants. Making a simple homemade syrup of stevia and not sugar is a good alternative. If you’re curious about why stevia is a viable sweetener, you can find it in our Naked Nutritional Health Index. Ingredients such as simple syrup, concentrated juice and ready-to-use cocktails are the usual authors. I like the fact that a traditional mojito doesn’t contain a filter – both mint leaves and lime are kept in the drink to further improve the diet.That Now you have a simple stevia syrup that you can use instead of the traditional simple syrup. By changing these ingredients and using natural fruits, herbs and sweeteners instead of freshly squeezed juices, you maintain the same great taste and eliminate the high sugar content.

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