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The Phillips Family Cancer Center, developed in partnership with the Southampton Hospital Foundation, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and Stony Brook Medicine Hospital, opened the first comprehensive cancer center on the eastern outskirts of Long Island in Southampton, New York, fully integrated into Stony Brook University’s Cancer Center, offering radiotherapy and medical oncology services, in May. The multifunctional room, flooded with light on the other side of the second floor, serves as a meeting room and can quickly become a live medical conference room with Stony Brook University Cancer Center. To implement this technology, the project team placed a radiological treatment room on the ground floor, which included a 22,000-pound lead-concrete door and prefabricated lead-concrete walls in a vault to the hill behind the building. The two common treatment rooms offer beautiful views of the trees and the chemotherapy station on the west side of the building overlooking the organic garden on the hill above the linear accelerator all year round. The roof is long, rectangular and sloping, the upper floor is covered with wooden cedar boards, and the first floor along the entrance facade is visible as a concrete slab. The infusion room is bright and funny with a catheterisation roof with skylights in 12 separate treatment rooms with glass partitions that show a soft image of undulating grass dunes between the stations. When designing the building, the main focus was on the installation of a treatment room with a linear accelerator. The Jacksonville Cancer Center in Florida responds to the internal and external needs of patients, their families and staff. The main focus of the construction planning was the installation of a modern linear accelerator. Awards + Events The Asplundh Cancer Pavilion showcases the consistent use of biofilm design, which inspires many elements both inside and outside. In the area of infusion, patient positions are designed according to an open concept so that patients can be treated together. The infusion stations on the second floor are designed for maximum access to natural light and environmental observation. The medical oncology room on the second floor with entrance is directly accessible from the upper parking lot. In addition, the table and sectional chairs can be easily folded and packed in a fitness cupboard and other wellness seminars. The inspiration for the exterior design comes from a typical potato room.

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