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Zegger Ji is the founder of Greenmedinfo Google carries out nearly a billion medical examinations every day, so it is easy to understand why censorship of natural health information is in the best interest of all, including the leading pharmaceutical companies. The difference in the treatment of patients in natural and conventional health centers has led many to suspect that this punishment is applied manually and is aimed at the development of non-traditional medicine. But to feel the pain of Google’s purity, you don’t have to succumb to the stereotypes of a health care provider, vaccine choice, or a natural health-obsessed organization. The transfer of this gold mine to WebMd in relation to natural sites has a huge impact on the socio-political and economic well-being of billions of people around the world. Fortunately, does not rely on Google’s search traffic for our health and well-being. Given the recent collaboration between Big Pharma and Big Tech, including a $715 million deal between Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and GlaxoSmithKline in 2016, approval of alternative voices over the Internet was expected. I have GreenMedInfo. Ten years ago, in the current context of widespread censorship and abuse of evidence in natural medicine. “Many health care sites have been buried with a new update of Google’s algorithm. For example, a study in which “he” is proud to be a full-fledged scientific company and writes that “turmeric is not a cure-all” and that “light soda is unlikely to cause harm to health” was also seriously affected. One of our colleagues, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Expert, published “his” “own” opinion on the subject: “Google is positioning itself in a controversial debate about vaccine safety. “Be careful, the rabbit hole is deep.

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