– Deborah King – Environmental Health Perspectives has

Environmental Health Perspectives has published a study that links exposure to sunlight to a lower risk of cancer of the prostate, pancreas, ovaries and rectum. Why is that? Why not? Why? Why not? Researchers are not sure, but this is probably because the sun stimulates vitamin D production, reducing the risk of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other common causes of death. So if sunlight helps to reduce heart disease – and there are some serious studies that show that sunlight is good for the heart – then the risk-benefit ratio seems obvious. Another study published in the Journal of Human Resources showed that students perform better if they get enough sunlight every day, while other studies showed a strong correlation between solar radiation and a better quality of life. Those who worked on the street had a lower risk of skin cancer than those who were “protected” from the sun in their huts. According to the CDC, melanoma and other skin cancers kill about 11,000 Americans in the United States each year, while heart disease affects about 650,000 people. You will also notice that the overall mood improves after sun exposure, as sunlight improves the endocrine system. What about skin cancer? About 99% of skin cancers seem to be basal cells and paving crayfish without melanoma. Also note that time spent in the sun can even reduce the risk of melanoma.

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