Manifestation + Meditation – In this course we will explore

In this course we will explore crystal networks in detail and learn how to use them at the event! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometry of the networks, the energy fields, the relationship with the crystalline network of Mother Earth and how it works in remote healing mode. Unlike any other crystal treatment course you have ever taken, here you will learn how and why crystals work, exploring scientific and metaphysical aspects and creating a solid foundation for working with our crystal buttons. In our final course you will learn about our unique and highly effective method of healing Hibiscuscan crystals, with step-by-step instructions before, during and after the procedure. Using crystals, we learn to cleanse and strengthen our chakras to achieve our spiritual, physical and emotional goals. In this overloaded course we will discuss in detail how we can cleanse and purify your space with the help of crystals and how we can protect your energy field. As folk healers have known for thousands of years – and as modern medicine begins to understand – our symptoms, health problems and emotional problems begin with an imbalance in our energy field. Crystals consume energy and have been the favourite medicine of many shamans for thousands of years. The magazine encourages you to take your “safe soul” deep into the “safe soul”, working with crystals to have a safe place to lose your intentions and desires, to recognize the increase in your self-confidence, and, of course, to monitor and think about your progress. It is the ideal place to learn everything about the art and science of crystalline healing. Learn to create the right energy frequencies to promote healthy chakras with specific stones for each energy center. The Academy is taught by me, Gibiscus Moon, author of the book “Crystal Grilles: How and Why They Work”. * 2 Small group calls – Form transformative relationships with me and other healers, get my personal feedback on your work in Oma when I meet you, and answer your direct questions about the call. * A private group on Facebook, where you receive comments, ideas and personal advice during my meeting with you, answer your questions individually and make sure that the concepts are included and recorded in full. We love to study physics and metaphysics of crystal clear therapy and have a lot of fun.

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