Marie Osmond – I took care of Mom and Dad and made a radio

To relax, you have to spend time with my children, grandchildren and husband. I’ve played country, pop, in different genres all my life, but this is the first time I’ve made an opera with a soprano voice. Since I married my husband, this will be the first time I can eat with “him” at night. After 11 years of playing with your brother Donny in Las Vegas you joined The Talk in September. That’s the beauty of the show: they talk about everything that’s fun. Now I’m lying on the floor with Selfie and my grandchildren on the floor. Children teach you unconditional love. When my mother died, “she” said: “Don’t do to your body the way I did to mine. We are very different people, but we respect the opinions of others. I took pictures because I didn’t want to be there. You lost 15 kilograms and kept “him” away for more than ten years. Every year I lived my life without remorse. I won’t be a fan and I’ll try to look at my twenty when I turn 80.

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