Pens Powerful Post – The Agency recommends that everyone

The Agency recommends that everyone should be vaccinated for more than six months – if their health permits – and states that vaccination is particularly important for people at high risk of serious complications, including infants, adults over the age of 65, people with basic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease, and pregnant women. Although influenza activity in the United States remains low, the CDC warns that Australia experienced an early start to the influenza season in 2019 and that conditions can change very rapidly due to unpredictable influenza. A recent CDC study found that about two-thirds of pregnant women in the United States have not been vaccinated against the flu, putting them and their babies at risk. If pregnant women are given the flu vaccine, the risk of their newborn baby going to hospital because of the virus is reduced by an average of 72%. Bitz continues to build on his suitcase and cite one example after another before concluding that everyone should do their part to ensure the safety of others. Last season, according to the CDC, 45.3% of adults over the age of 18 were vaccinated against flu. Last year’s flu season lasted 21 weeks, the longest in ten years. A nurse’s message on Facebook becomes viral after she has written a powerful statement asking everyone to be vaccinated against the flu. Amanda Bitz writes that we should not allow ourselves to be vaccinated alone in order to stay healthy. Every flu season is different, but it usually starts in October, peaks between December and February and lasts until May. The flu can be fatal and cause serious diseases, but the vaccination rate remains low. I have seen patients fight for the air because of the flu,” he writes. “I was in the room when a patient died of the flu. Instead, “for grandparents whose bodies are no longer what they used to be, and who can no longer give a beating like when they were young. The flu, which kills people, is one thing.

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