Muscle Testing – At medical school we weren’t taught to do

Despite the difficulty of monitoring muscle tests of the scientific method as an evidentiary test, I use them constantly, personally and professionally, and teach doctors at the Institute of Health Medicine as well as co-director of Asha’s IATA Basics seminar. If a selfish healer of dogmatic energy tries to prove that a muscle test works or that “his” intuition is correct, this scheme can also make the test inaccurate. This complicates the science of muscle testing because how do you check if the tester has a schedule? In an ideal world, both an expert and an expert can put aside their prejudices, stay neutral and get rid of the results of a muscle test. Imagine if you had a reliable way to diagnose a statement as “true” or “false”? And if you could prove for sure: “The point is that I quit my job. “Isn’t this a rejection of my work and getting an answer directly from God, your inner Pilot Lightthe your Universe, your wise body, your intuition or what do you want to call it? Think of all the options available to you every day: what to eat, what medical procedures to choose, how to draw in a compact package, what kind of holiday destination to choose, what kind of career to choose, to say yes or no to family reunification or when it’s time to believe that you finally have the time. With this limitation of responsibility, it is useful for the examiner and the examiner to be able to approach the muscle test as other information that may be useful when making treatment decisions or other life decisions. Muscle testing is seen by many healers as a bridge to the unconscious, for example, ignoring consciousness and moving directly to wisdom or to the inner pilot light. Most professionals using muscle tests don’t do moisturizing tests because they don’t consider them necessary, so they may not be absolutely necessary, but I still use them, and that’s in the AIT muscle test protocol just in case. For example, if Asha examines someone for trauma and resists learning the truth, there may be interruptions that render the muscle test invalid.

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