International Agency – As free radicals are necessary for

As free radicals are necessary for physiological processes in the brain and pathological degeneration, research into the possible effects of oxidative stress caused by EMF is still ongoing, especially in connection with recent studies suggest that EMF can contribute to the etiology of neurodegenerative diseases. This report summarizes new data on this topic and highlights the great uncertainty that still characterizes the effects of electromagnetic fields on oxidative stress modulation, as the prooxidant and neuroprotective effects have been documented. His report summarizes research on electromagnetic fields, oxidative stress and their relationship to neurodegeneration. Based on two decades of epidemiological research, a systematic assessment of the increased risk of childhood leukemia associated with extremely low-frequency fields has been conducted, and in 2001 the International Agency for Research on Cancer included it in Part 2B on carcinogenic substances. Electromagnetic fields, oxidative stress and neurodegeneration. Interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems can cause oxidative stress under certain conditions. It is recommended that you consult a licensed physician before performing any natural, integrative, or routine treatment. As people are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields in their daily lives, there is a lively debate about whether they may be harmful to human health. Methodological limitations should be avoided and the pathophysiological significance of any changes in the biological system exposed to electromagnetic fields should be determined.

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