Hype | Healthy – The deployment of vegetable meat marketing

The deployment of vegetable meat marketing like Impossible Burger was almost perfect, wasn’t it? Media reports are boiling about how meatless meat can save the planet. I agree with the principle that natural foods are superior and that GMO products are generally unhealthy, but the problem is not the GMO technology, but how this technology is used to enable food crops to resist the pesticides and herbicides found in food. There is literally no health benefit to eating vegetable meat such as Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat. These offerings significantly extend the appeal of meat alternatives beyond health food store shelves to fast food masses. For him, healthy vegetable meat is a black bean burger with flaxseed and sweet potatoes. The most recent study, which considers red meat an unhealthy food, also focuses on paranoia in vegetable meat. Remember that all meat substitutes require separation of vegetable proteins from the entire food source. If you finally believe that eating an impossible hamburger is a better option for the planet than herds of grazing animals that help restore the soil and recover deserts in the prairies, I recommend you read more about it. Vegetable meat is the very embodiment of ultraprocessed food. If you think that laboratory meat like Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat is really good for you, here are three reasons why you are terribly wrong. Since 2002, Sarah has been a health and nutrition teacher dedicated to helping families effectively integrate the principles of traditional nutrition into modern homes. GMO-free options, such as the new soy-free food Beyond Meat based on peas, mung beans and rice proteins, should also be avoided. Unfortunately, this ingredient, which gives meat without meat a bloody quality, comes from genetically modified soy plants.

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