Myself Anymore | – After winning the Danish Championship

After winning the Danish Championship, taking part in the World Junior Ice Dance Championship 2012 and traveling with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a professional skater, I decided to stop skating and become a figure skating coach. My journey began when I was a figure skater struggling with bad lifestyles, restrictive nutrition and chronic overtime. I also enjoyed the remarkable health benefits of a ketogenic diet and intermittent starvation with the help of Mark Keto Reset’s book. Our son was born this summer and I managed to save my energy and well-being, avoid extreme desires and weight gain, especially by eating and training regularly. Monday, boys! And that means it’s another story from Primal Blueprint Real Life by Mark’s Daily Apple reader. My father recommended this book to me after he started eating, especially to improve his blood pressure and overall health. The perfect build for this sport is thin, strong and light, so I tried to find the perfect body for figure skating. Like many people who follow an original diet and a unique lifestyle, I am a sportsman and a health fanatic. In a few weeks’ time, my husband and I hope to bring this man into the world and feed him the same unique way of life and nutrition as the two of us. Wellness education is really the challenge of my dreams! Right now, I am enjoying the growth of my medical training, using all the tools and skills I have acquired through the PHCI program. Skating is an aesthetic sport in which physically demanding manoeuvres are performed on ice, creating a great artistic impression. The initial master plan taught me how to slow down, enjoy full homemade food and do lighter exercises such as yoga and nature walks. Even after I stopped skating in competitions, I still had problems with bad nutrition and physical habits. I had the opportunity to help my close family improve their health. Then I opened Mark Sisson’s book “Initial Plan”.

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