Crohn ’ – -Although I am not breastfeeding weaning can

-Although I am not breastfeeding, weaning can reduce the amount of breastfeeding for those who are breastfeeding and therefore contradicts the recommendations that babies only need breast milk for the first six months of life. If you leave breastfeeding and supplements aside for a while, there is no evidence that babies who start weaning after 4 or 5 months are healthier than those who start weaning after 6 months. It was clear to me that he was ready, but in a course I took on the topic of TQR, one of the participants asked, “Isn’t early weaning the cause of Crohn disease in any way. When I announced that I had started weaning Jude, I received messages based on the NO KNOW THAT WEIGHT PRECOCE model CAUSES BOWEL! MASS QUESTIONS with some exclamation marks. However, I am very interested in not leaving too late because I know that some people will start weaning later and later and that there are thoughts that can also cause problems. I am honest, I have weaned Jude with organic vegetables and fruit puree for several weeks. The official guidelines are that if weaned early, avoid possible allergens such as wheat for up to six months. The possibility of trying a relationship between the time of abstinence and gastrointestinal problems was considered very weak.

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