Raw Liver – It’s only n=1 but I’ve been eating raw liver

It’s only n=1, but I’ve been eating raw liver, heart and kidneys for 9 years, with no negative effects. One of the things I’ve noticed less about the liver and the heart is that the fresher it is, the better it knows, cooked or raw, so if I want to bring my organ meat from my pet to the freezer as soon as possible after the harvest. I do something similar – I make a shake every night with liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, collagen and lemon. Muscle development won’t go as fast as a litre of milk a day, eating pizza shakes and making whey protein ice cream at night, but it will keep fat growth to a minimum and can even help you lose fat as a muscle. Once, when he cut the frozen liver, the best way to cut it, I asked out of curiosity how he knew, so he cut a small piece and said, “Try it here. I bought cow liver fed with grass from a local farmer, cut it into small cubes and then froze it. I use my food processor to mix 2 parts liver, 1 part heart1 to make a pasta that I froze on an ice cube tray, about 1 ounce per cube. I have already eaten raw liver. Once your gallstones are clean, follow the pace of ketone, because by eating more fat, you keep your gallbladder regularly washed and free of stones. I’m not sure whether conventional groups offer an advantage over slimming gains in muscle development.

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