Energy Healing – Light workers while choosing to work with

Light workers, while choosing to work with light, also understand that dark energies are part of the energies of light. If you tolerate something, you still condemn it and cause a strong separation from unity by not accepting it as part of you. Lightworkers know that darkness cannot be separated or separated from light because it is part of each other. However, there are beliefs in the community of energy healers that are not in favor of equality. Blessed light does not diagnose disease, prescribe medication or interfere with the physician’s treatment. In that sense, I wanted to talk about energy healing and equality. That by misjudging darkness, you create a separation that is not part of unity. If you judge something as if it were not part of you, you have judged it as if it were not part of unity. Don’t let the division of energy be part of your spiritual practice and your perceptions. Its intention directs the energies used for energy healing. Therefore, misogyny, sexism or homophobia are not part of a light worker. I urge you to regularly review your energy healing practices and beliefs. Accept equality and fully accept your true self in unity. Although tolerance is far better than external aggression and blatant intolerance, equality must always be aspired to.

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