Into Right Relationship – The separation of fear finally

Once this connection with your inner pilot light increases, you will feel safe to become curious and intimate with your fear, so that your inner pilot light can heal what lies behind it, not try to push it away or become obsessed with its content. I have also developed a Connect To Your Inner lighting program that includes some of the nuts and bolts, excellent practical ways to deepen your intimacy with a divine spark that stimulates you and helps you heal your fear. If you are inspired to do so, respond to what is written in fear, and simply respond to the loving presence of your inner night light. Fear of love, llama, love, love, love, love, love, love, your inner pilot light. Your fear will relax you and give you space when you know that you care that you listen to you and that you are ready to do everything possible to love, heal and lead your terrible parts into the future even safer and more majestic than what your parts can do. But a wise inner pilot can see what is really happening – the consequences that chronic repetitive stress reactions have not only on the physical body, but also on the mental and emotional health, the health of your relationships, the ability to find and fulfill your true vocation and spiritual development. The problem with moving away from fear instead of worship is that the body cannot distinguish between real fear and false fear, so any worrying or disturbing thought that does not cause an imminent reaction in the nervous system, which illuminates the amygdala and activates a series of hormones ready to fight the danger or escape. For those who want to deepen their connection with their inner pilot light, I have just published a new book, Daily Flame: 365 Love Letters from the inner pilot light, which is designed to help them deepen their connection. Let “him” know that you will see “him” again and that a deeper healing is possible if “he” wants “his” inner pilot light to take over the task of ensuring “his” safety. The real remedy for fear is to intimidate with false fears and use them as a guide to get to know each other better, so that you can heal the trauma underlying these fears.

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