Are Maintenance Attunements – Maintenance adaptations cover

Maintenance consists of maintaining your energies and your energy bodies in a stable, efficient, high-intensity vibratory and harmonious state. All maintenance adjustments are designed to increase your vibration, then additional functions are added to achieve the desired changes and benefits. Proper maintenance of energies, energy bodies and connections is essential. Maintenance settings are designed to maintain harmonious, positive and highly vibratory energy states. There are many different tunings covering a confusing spectrum of energy issues and connections. The maintenance settings are very easy to handle, and all are activated by intention. I have created and justified maintenance settings for regular use. First of all, I recommend that you consider the following maintenance settings. These maintenance settings are a good starting point. Stability allows for a more regular and robust energy flow that leads to healthy energies and healthy energy bodies. The crystal chords aim to connect you with the energies associated with crystals.

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