Older Women Fracture – A new study involving more than

A new study involving more than 77,000 American older women examined the types of exercise associated with the risk of hip fractures and other fractures. For example, the risk of hip fractures is 12% lower for women who regularly, moderately, energetically and regularly play sports such as walking or running than for less active women. Researchers found that women who regularly trained with any intensity, from walking to gardening to running, on average broke their hips less quickly after 14 years than inactive women. In the case of hip fractures, women who reported higher levels of physical activity at the beginning of the study tended to have a lower risk. Some studies concern regular exercise and a lower risk of hip fracture “possibly insufficient or even fatal for the elderly”. Everything indicates that even mild activity is sufficient to reduce the risk of these serious injuries,” says research director Michael Lamonte a researcher at New York State University in Buffalo. The news wasn’t all good: women who trained with medium to high intensity had a relatively higher risk of wrist or forearm fractures than women who were less active. According to Lamonte, one of the questions that the study cannot answer is whether starting training in old age reduces the risk of hip fractures. Dr. Bockman, who was not involved in the study, said that while bone density is important for the risk of hip fracture, other factors also play an important role. In addition to sports, older people can take other measures to reduce the risk of hip fractures,” Lamonté said. SURSIA: Michael Lamonte, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health, New York University, Buffalo; Richard Bockman, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, Head of Endocrinology, Special Surgery Hospital, and Professor of Medicine, Weil Cornell Medical College, New York, October, but “he” says it is clear that it is important for the overall health of older people to sit down less and play more sports, which helps to improve blood pressure and diabetes control and reduce the risk of heart and heart disease. But there was also a link between “easy activities” such as slow dancing, bowling or golf and the risk of hip fractures. And the more women walk at any speed, the less risk of hip fractures. We’re glad there’s a strong correlation between running and the risk of hip fracture,” “she” says.

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