A Distant Attunement – Are all the initiations the Founder

Are all the initiations the Founder These harmonizing considerations assume that you only want to work with light energies. Harmonization is only a method of connecting to certain energies; it does not guarantee that the energies will come out of the light. If a melody says it will connect you to the energies of a being, such as an angel or an ascended Master, then it is important to question that as well. I mention this because it is important not to assume that all the founders of harmonisation are light or the practice of safe energetic healing. Once you understand what energies are being used, you have to think about how harmonisation works. You will also be connected to the energies of the site and the tuning provider where you make your purchase through the association. In this respect, it is important that you understand what the energies of tuning will yield. As already mentioned, through the association, you will be connected to the energies of the founder of the harmonisation. There are different types of agreements, each with general categories on how the energies work. Each founder is unique, which means that the music “he” creates represents the thoughts, intentions and energies “he” represents. Tunings are energetic tools that connect you to energies. Lightworkers work with light, so try to buy moods in locations that work with light in everything they do. Don’t assume that the founders of harmonization are perfect or that they work in the light. I call it because I don’t want you to strive for perfection and choose the perfect combination.

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