Astragaloside IV – In addition the protein levels of the

In addition, the protein levels of the cytokines of apoptosis of dandruff 8, bid, cleaved dandruff 3, and cyto C were also inhibited after ischemia-reperfusion, suggesting that AS-IV on apoptosis induced apoptosis by inhibiting the activation of key factors in the death receptor and mitochondrial pathways. In this study, we are studying the effects of AS-IV on apoptosis induced by transient cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in rats and associated regulatory factors. Astragaloside IV reduces ischemia reperfusion-induced apoptosis by inhibiting the activation of key factors of the fatal receptor and mitochondrial pathways. RESULTS: AS-IV significantly reduced neurological deficit in rats with ischemic reperfusion lesions and reduced cerebral infarction and neuronal apoptosis. ETNO-PHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Apoptosis plays an important role in the damage caused by ischemia-reperfusion in the brain and triggers a series of life-threatening pathological changes. After seven days of continuous administration, a volume of cerebral infarction and pathological changes in the brain tissue were observed. Astragaloside IV may alleviate reperfusion-induced ischemic apoptosis. By providing the information contained in this document, we do not diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any type of disease or medical condition. Before undertaking any natural, integrative or conventional treatment, it is recommended to consult a licensed physician. More than 500 pages with alternatives and information about natural medicine.

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