Wins World Math – ALOHA Mental-Rechenschule offers courses

ALOHA Mental-Rechenschule offers courses for children from 5 to 13 years. In an interview with RebeliĆ³n Noticias Zuri said that “she is very happy and proud to have won the Grand Champion”. She did not consider the competition difficult because she was very well prepared. In 2019, the Aloha International Intellectual Calculation Competition was held in Foshan, China. The Millennium News Channel reported that Zuri loves what she does and that all work and preparation for the competition is not considered sacrifice. They thanked everyone who supported Zoury’s participation in the math championship in China. It was there, after an exhausting day, that my legs, knees, feet and lower back were so badly hurt that I thought I should give up all hopes for our next climb on Rainbow Mountain! That night I took a little spray of “magnesium oil” that a friend gave me for my trip. Aloha is a program designed to teach children arithmetic in the head. An eight-year-old girl from Mexico won the World Math Championship in China. When Zurich arrived at Tampico International Airport after her flight from China, her friends and family were there to greet and congratulate her. The championship is very exciting and involves a lot of pomp and circumstances, including one representative from each country with a national flag in the competition hall. Aloha organizes a competition in which Zura took part. Zura’s unmistakable eight-year triumph in the maths championship was truly remarkable. Part of ALOHA’s mission is to create a global network of training centres as well as to develop an online programme. Zura correctly solved all 70 problems and won the Grand Champion award. She believes that her job as a yoga teacher is to help her students develop practices that will help them live better lives. According to “her”, they believe that mental arithmetic is a necessary skill for future brain development.

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