Dogs H1N1 – H1N1 “swine flu” has affected cats dogs and

H1N1 “swine flu” has affected cats, dogs and ferrets – it has been transmitted by their sick owners. Owners who insist that their dogs can smile for a good reason think that their dog’s mouth can show emotions. Dogs can smell a dangerous drop of blood sugar from a diabetic owner and warn the person to act, lick, cry or bark with their paws. Dogs can develop this atypical behaviour in their closest human companions – while under dogs or with a strange, direct eye contact poses a threat. Dogs also have a side view for more relaxed moments: you don’t see much white and “your” body seems relaxed. Prolonged dogs can develop nose cancer while living with a smoker, and short-term breeds are more prone to lung cancer. Cats that have access to a high, open window can also concentrate so hard on a bird that they lose balance and fall – this is called tower syndrome. Behavioural experts confirm that some cats have separation anxiety when they’re separated from their favourite person – and that’s one of the reasons a sweet kitten can pee on your clothes when you’re at work. Dogs sometimes go limp to the vet and leave with a diagnosis of lung cancer or another lung problem, such as heart worms. Dogs are also prone to compulsive licking, which can lead to persistent injuries called accidental escape. A symptom more typical of lung cancer is the cough, although about 25% of dogs do not show any symptoms until the cancer is detected with a chest photo. The sedative wink is effective in domestic cats, wild cats and even tigers in nature, according to behaviorist Roger Tabor. Cats have a small olfactory gland in the palate, which is called a vomeronasal organ. For over-loving cats, behavioural therapy can help – with anti-anxiety medication for severely affected cats. Feline behaviour experts say that a kitten should have regular contact with humans for the first seven weeks, otherwise it may never affect humans. Cats communicate by blinking slowly, according to feline experts.

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