Florida Loads Car – When the temperature reaches 30 and 40

When the temperature reaches 30 and 40 degrees, strange things can happen in a normally warm climate, such as frozen iguanas falling from trees. If not, then no. “Floridians are advised not to touch frozen iguanas, usually even if they seem to be the missing ingredient for their next meal. NPR 2018 highlights the subject using the story of Floridians who saw frozen iguanas as a food source. Why is this happening? Cold can slow the spread of iguanas or make them completely motionless, making them susceptible to slipping off the branches of the trees they usually live on. After loading his car with frozen iguanas for a big barbecue, the driver drove “away”. Some wonder what happens when frozen iguanas come to life. There have been no reports of the severity of the accident or how people treated the iguanas after it, but many animal experts agree that people should not have taken the animals out of their natural habitat. After a tiresome day when my legs, knees, feet and lower back were so badly damaged, I thought I should give up any hope of our next climb, Rainbow Mountain That night I took some “magnesium oil” that a friend gave me before he left. A gentleman from Key Biscayne saw many cold gray iguanas on the side of the road. In addition to the danger of trees falling, which could damage people and property, this invading species could damage foundations, dams and sidewalks by digging and leaving lizard droppings around. Knowing that iguanas are a Central American delicacy, he stopped to catch them thinking they were dead. iguanas are not native to Florida and are found mainly in Central and South America. It seemed that he suddenly turned out to be a whole herd of iguanas walking around his car, which tragically led to an accident with a man. Winters in Florida may seem sunny, but in fact cold temperatures can make us feel as if we are in the middle of winter.

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