Inna Yatsyna – Since the market situation is changing

In this article you will find the most common errors in contextual advertising and get practical recommendations for effective advertising. Inna Yatsyna will guide you through the most common errors in contextual advertising and give practical recommendations for creating effective PPC advertisingadvertising. Before introduction to the market you will analyze the target group, strengths and weaknesses of the product, competitors and niche activity. A search advertising campaign is different from a campaign on Google Display. In the case of search terms with high and medium search volume, your campaign should be structured on the principle of “one search term = one ad”. Mobile search should be a separate campaign, with different keywords and parameters. You need to use two tools to evaluate contextual advertising: a site analysis system and Google Analytics or Google Ads. For example, you can create the following groups of your PDA campaign: company brand, common keywords, regions, product types, campaigns, competitors, etc. By distributing your campaign, you can determine which areas or regions are most effective, which parts of the campaign need more attention and budget. Working with contextual advertising involves constant analysis. To help the advertiser, there are several tools to monitor the market and create or optimize your PPC campaign. Corrosion virus and related quarantine measures have resulted in increased online sales, video content consumption and the time people usually spend online.

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