Viral Wake Up – In other words if the extreme

In other words, if the extreme, individualistic and materialistic inner parts that dominated your life, and which were created by what is necessary for its creation in our culture, are forced to take a step back, you can appreciate the appearance of other outcasts who can touch nature, be creative or appreciate it. But in order to achieve more Self, we must first free ourselves from the mass fear associated with such a threatening event of survival, and work together with all other parts of us who try to cope with this fear, to deny it, to minimize it or to distract it. “All we have to be afraid of is contempt for our fear.” When people are dominated by solid, individualistic, materialistic inner parts that seem to bring them success through certain actions, they will not change, regardless of any collateral damage to their other parts, relationships or physical health. This may not lead to the happiness that saves my life, but it is always better to face the challenges of a calm, brave, clear and confident place than scary, dissociative or impulsive sides. As writer Umar Hake wrote in March in the Media: “Do you see how, when the economic “growth” has stopped, the pollution has stopped, fish can return to the canals of Venice and trees can breathe again? This is the biggest clue that the universe can give us. “It’s a sign of hope that the Earth and other ecosystems can recover quickly if we stop abusing them.” If we start to listen to the inner parts that we tend to ignore and neglect, we will know that they hurt us and want more space in our lives. As Eric Klinenberg, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute of Public Studies at New York University, writes: “A cheap hamburger that, like a restaurant that refuses a medical license, pays its cashiers and cooks, makes me more vulnerable to disease, like a neighbor who refuses to sit at home during a pandemic because our public school “did not teach” “him” any critical science or thought. That’s not true anymore, and it scares a lot of our internal parts. For example, the Great Depression was followed by a New Deal, and our country first created a series of safety nets for ordinary people like social security and higher taxes for the rich, creating a secure middle class that existed before the Reagan era. The beauty of telling this story is that even in real danger, you can contribute.

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