Plexus Chakra – For example one could define and record a

For example, one could define and record a general intention to heal the solar plexus chakra, or a more specific goal such as increasing self-esteem, self-defense, achievement of a personal goal, etc. By clarifying, balancing and opening your third chakra, you can help yourself to develop a healthy self-esteem, to defend yourself better, to grow as a leader, to be more effective, to set and achieve goals successfully and to create the life your soul aspires to. If all this sounds familiar, it may be helpful to learn some ways to cleanse and balance your solar plexus chakra. A person with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra usually has a clear idea of who they are and where they are going. If you think it would be beneficial for you to clear your Solar Plexus Chakra, there are many practical things you can do on a daily basis. The corresponding color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow and its element is fire. I want you to have a clear idea of your infinite value, to know that the deep desires of your soul are of enormous importance, and to understand that you are an immensely powerful being who can manifest these deep and sacred desires. Proceed directly to the techniques of purification of the solar plexus chakras. Learn more about energy healing, including practical tips for better health and happiness. People with a healthy navel chakra generally have a healthy digestive, immune and muscular system. Use color with determination and feel how it energizes your third chakra. Chakra. The key words are “personal power” and “self-esteem”. Chakra”. Refers to ego, will, metabolism, personal power, efficiency, self-esteem and our digestive system, immune system, adrenal glands and muscles. You do not need to be a qualified energy healer to heal your third chakra.

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