Yogurt | Healthy – I suggest you avoid the use of milk

I suggest you avoid the use of milk solids, modified food starches and pectin as thickeners for non-dairy yogurt. I do not recommend the use of the sugar-activated type because it requires large amounts of sugar to work, which means you will probably have to add sugar to your nondairy yogurt to achieve the desired thickening results. Beginners in making nondairy yogurt can try to thicken things by adding more nondairy yogurt starter to the milk. If you don’t currently consume starch, I recommend gelatin as another excellent technique for thickening a vegetable yogurt of your choice. At first glance, you may wonder how starch can be considered the “best” method for thickening non-dairy yogurt. The best techniques for thickening vegetable yogurt are starch and gelatin. In fact, the non-dairy yogurt thickener you choose is usually added early in the process, ideally before the milk is heated. Review the six methods for successfully thickening vegetable-based nondairy yogurt and the most appropriate techniques from a nutritional and digestive standpoint. The advantage of using gelatin to thicken yogurt is that it gives a very consistent and thick texture, similar to that of commercial yogurt.

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