Chicken Bone Broth – You can make bone broth from any bone

You can make bone broth from any bone, but I want to share what I do most often: chicken broth. Today I want to share with you not only my recipe for fast chicken broth, but also the method I use all week to make it easy. I hope this tutorial has helped you not only to understand how to prepare bone broth in an instant pot, but also how to incorporate some light habits into your routine. Now that we make bone broth in the instant pot, we still eat whole fried chicken once a week. The traditional method of making bone broth is “low and slow”. “You start by combining many high quality bones with water on the stove or in a slow pot and then wait. But in my opinion, a very short cooking time – about 30 minutes – makes chicken broth more effective than very rich and thick meat and bone broth, perhaps even gelatine in the fridge. I made fresh bone broth in a pot instantly, as part of my weekly routine. Almost all the kitchen waste that is usually placed in the compost container can be replaced with bone broth: onion rind, carrot rind, mushroom stems, celery and carrot spikes, and herbs that are about to go bad. When I finish stretching and packing the broth, it’s usually cold enough to put it right in the freezer or fridge – but if yours is still too hot, let it cool for 1-2 hours on the counter. Whether you’re on a CSA, API, GAPS or just a healthy bowel diet, there’s one thing you should do: make a regular bone broth and drink it. Some say that you can make bone broth in a pot in just 30 minutes. You can make delicious bone broth with bone, water and some salt. I read in another bone broth recipe that they break bones to get more nutrients. I like to cook raw chicken in a quick frying pan with water, vegetables and herbs, stretch the broth and pick it up to separate the chicken from the food. Collagen in the bones turns the bone broth into a semi-hard gel when it cools down.

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