May Need ICU – “We believe these are probably conservative

“We believe these are probably conservative estimates of possible deficits,” because they are not based on the highest estimates of coronavirus cases and do not take into account infections and employee quarantine, Pittman said. Although there has been a risk of wasting beds in the ICU, the shortage of workers in these wards could become an even bigger problem, the researchers say. “Arizona and Texas face a shortage of staff to provide critical care, even for VIDOC-19 patients,” Pittman added in a university press release. According to the researchers, these states are more at risk of deficit and they should consider staffing plans. This applies to states where coronavirus cases are currently on the rise. These are Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah and Washington states. In Arizona and Texas, there is already a shortage of these doctors, the researchers added. Hospital stays in six states are expected to peak only in early November. New beds could be installed in other wards or even outside the hospital, but the intensive care staff is relatively limited, they said. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. And the problem could be worse than researchers predict.

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