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In addition, UCI family rooms offer such amenities as vending machines, coffee shops, bathrooms, showers and toilets, while fully glazed rooms and staff rooms allow staff to relax. Each floor, consisting of 24 beds, has a racetrack configuration with beds divided into groups of eight wards for the medical team, and has an inner hallway to keep staff “off the stage” and keep activities away from patient rooms. The windows around the nursing stations minimize the noise generated by interaction with staff, while the observation posts for nurses outside the ICU prevent distractions and maximize patient interaction. The staff room is used as a separate space, while the family room is used as living room, work room and bedroom. Grasham Smith has worked with TMH from start to finish, applying an elegant design and human research-oriented approach to create a space that enhances care and staff efficiency. The ICU patient rooms have three areas: a quarter staff, a quarter patients and a family room. M.T. The Mustian Center in Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare provides the most advanced critical care services. Family rooms in the ICU include amenities such as vending machines, coffee, showers and bathtubs. Staff rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows to create a bright space overlooking the city center. Family rooms in IC rooms are equipped with fold-out sofas and other amenities. Nursing intensive care rooms are surrounded by glass to minimize noise without disturbing your view. The IC rooms have three different rooms that are clearly visible from the floor. The large, natural schedule in the waiting room provides a positive distraction and helps you navigate.

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