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These results indicate that taking high levels of dietary arthritis can increase omega-3 fatty acids in plasma in rats and has a positive effect on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, as evidenced by weight loss, high levels of HDL-C, as well as a decrease in plasma Tg in laboratory animals. This study was conducted to study the effect of oleic acid in a diet with olive oil on the blood lipid profile and composition of fatty acids in plasma and rat fatty tissue. High levels of oleic acid in a diet supplemented with olive oil increase omega-3 fatty acid levels in the rat plasma. High level of oleic acid in the diet, supplemented with olive oil, increases the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the rat plasma. According to the fatty acid composition, there is a noticeable high level of AR in the blood plasma and fatty tissues of rats fed with olive oil100. The information contained in this document does not diagnose, treat, facilitate or prevent any disease or illness. Before starting a natural, integrative or conventional method of treatment, it is recommended to seek advice from a qualified medical professional. Over 500 pages of alternatives and information about natural medicine. This site is for information purposes only.

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