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Instead of burdening you with a lot of research into the protection of meat harvested from an herbal trough, I’d like to explain to you what you would get if you chose ordinary meat, just as you would buy it from your local grocery store. But meat obtained with stable grass, although not only tasty, is an important nutrient for healthy intestines and well-being. What is the main purpose of this operation? The aim is to produce meat on a mass scale at the lowest cost, i.e. to remove fat from the meat and ensure its ripening at the slaughterhouse in the shortest possible time. After many years of research and testing with different brands, we found exactly what we were looking for: high-quality meat at an affordable price. Gastric acid correction – It takes a lot of heartburn to break the peptide bonds in meat. The most common disease of ORAS cattle is acidosis, a potentially fatal metabolic disorder that occurs when too much acid accumulates in the scar during a grain-rich diet. With careful planning, a vegetarian diet may be appropriate for some people – but our own experience and research shows that most healthy people include a wide range of foods in their diet, including sustainably fed beef. What if you don’t eat a lot of meat? You can send a box as often as you like, and you can cancel or change your subscription at any time. Because cattle are designed to handle grass, not grains, soybeans and by-products, you cannot properly digest and assimilate these “products”. As a result, they often develop diseases such as scar inflammation and “polio fluid”. “Unfortunately, it is actually considerednormal’ that fattened cattle are sick. LEEPs is a special type of large industrial facility that grows animals, widely known as “fattening pads”. “If you drive on the highway, you can usually smell these LFOs before you even see them – hundreds or even thousands of animals placed in narrow sheds. It’s no wonder that people say things like: “I feel much better if I don’t eat meat. “Almost always, because they eat meat that is inferior, flammable, and not meat from the grass. How much meat should you eat? The answer to this question is different for everyone, and this is where you can decide what is best for you. In fact, choosing beef ready for your family is one of the most important decisions you make on your journey to better health.

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