New Coronavirus – In this case the patient suffered from

In this case the patient suffered from acute angular glaucoma, a severe disease in which the pressure in the eyes suddenly increases due to fluid accumulation. Although it is not known exactly how the virus got into the patient’s eyes, experts agree that this case emphasizes the importance of eye protection. According to Glatt, it cannot be said whether the patient in this case received SARS-CoV-2 from her eyes. For caregivers, this means glasses and face protection, and for the average person, regular hand washing and eye closure. The results are based on a patient from China who had an acute glaucoma attack shortly after recovery from VOCID-19. This opinion reduces the likelihood that the virus, including the cold and flu virus, will enter the eyes, he said. The case demonstrates that “SARS-CoV-2 can affect eye tissue and respiratory system,” doctors said in October. Their doctors had to operate to treat the disease, and tests of “their” eye tissue revealed traces of SARS-CoV-2. Richter suggested that this could be the cause, as the patient had been hospitalized and had probably received several medications. As a result, he said, the medical staff protected “their” eyes with glasses or a face shield. The patient ended up in a hospital where she was diagnosed with glaucoma and acute blockers. Tooley said the patient’s case was “interesting”, but left several questions unanswered. In general, some anatomical features of the eye make some people prone to sharp angular blockers of glaucoma and this can be caused by medication, she explained. Medicines could not reduce her eye pressure, so her doctors performed operations and took tissue samples.

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