Eddie Van Halen – I used metal nozzles – they are made of

I used metal nozzles – they are made of brass and copper – which I always kept in my mouth, even where I had tongue cancer. Van Halen believed these metal tips were used to focus on CME environment, where he was working on his tongue exactly where the cancer started. In one German study, doctors examined almost 1000 patients to determine if living in one direction near a cell tower for 10 years would affect their cancer risk. However, in 6-10 years, the risk of cancer for people living less than a quarter mile from the cell tower has more than tripled. Following the advice of prognostic doctors and dentists and avoiding all kinds of metal devices in the mouth, it seems a reasonable step, at least until more research on the subject is done. Instead, he believed that these were the metal electrons that he kept in his mouth while listening to music in EMF-saturated recording studios for hours, day after day. Experienced biological dentists for some time consult their patients to avoid any kind of metal in the head or around the head. Another important observation of the study is that during the first 5 years of life next to a cell phone mast risks did not differ from those of a person living far from a cell phone mast.

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